If you love to travel, you can combine your passion for volunteering for a good cause. Put volunteering in your travel bucket list and plan your next travel to a country or region that needs your help. It does not have to be a third world country, but if you feel you will feel better working with people in less developed regions, then you should definitely give it a thought.

Tips on Travelling out of the Country to Volunteer

  • Think of your security: This is especially important if you are thinking of volunteering in war-torn countries that are defined by war and fights. You should ensure that the hotels where you will stay and the environment that you will be operating around is secure.
  • Contact other volunteers: There is safety in numbers when it comes to travelling for volunteer missions abroad. Reach out to other volunteers and popular volunteer organisations such as the Red Cross to provide you with the information you may need about volunteering about the country you plan to travel to.
  • Do research: The best way to learn about the people and activities where you plan to engage in is by doing research. Go online and check if there are blogs that have been written on the place you plan to go to. Make inquiries, and you can even make phone calls to the places that you are considering to see if they will have an opportunity for you.
  • Be open-minded: Travelling to another country means you will be exposed to people of different cultures. You will also be in a new environment where you are expected to adjust to many changes that may be uncomfortable for you. If you want to have fun, you should be open to new ideas and think of your volunteer opportunity as a chance to learn.
  • Always be safe: When you are safe, then safe others, so make copies of important documents, be wary of public Wi-Fi. If you do need wireless Internet service, set up a virtual private network (VPN) that will allow you to access the Internet securely while traveling. Be aware of your surroundings.