There are many organisations that are set aside to offer volunteer services all over the world. If you are looking for a reputable institution where you can volunteer, some of the places to consider include:

Red Cross/Red Crescent

This international organisation is known for its humanitarian activities all over the world. Whenever there are disasters such as famine, earthquakes and other calls for help, the Red Cross and Red Crescent are always among the first teams to appear at the scenes. They are always calling for volunteers in their various departments. You should consult with the regional office in your country to see where you can fit.

Global Volunteers

As the name suggests, this is a non-profit organisation that is found in different countries. They take in volunteers to help them work in projects that address humanitarian issues such as diseases, hunger and poverty. They also allow for international volunteer projects where volunteers can pay a certain amount and join a team of other volunteers in other countries for a volunteer mission.

VSO International

This British based institution has many projects, especially in developing nations where they handle issues to do with poverty, hunger, diseases and gender issues. They even have open slots for professionals such as doctors and lawyers to help with their programmes. They have programmes where they facilitate people to volunteer for specific programmes and pay them a stipend to maintain them as they volunteer.

UN Volunteers

The United Nations organisation runs both online and off the net volunteer opportunities. They reach up to 130 countries annually, and they have volunteers who come together to work towards their many causes. They have different qualifications for their volunteer opportunities. Their programmes cover conservation, development, humanitarian causes, arts, women, children and other emergency events such as disasters. They always make a request for volunteers annually.