If you want children to be responsible members of the society, you should teach them the benefits of giving; including giving part of their time to the society. When you introduce volunteerism at a young age, the children are likely to grow up appreciating the value. They will not have to be pushed to volunteer when they are adults. Tips on getting children to volunteer include:

Lead by Example

Undoubtedly children learn a lot by watching and imitating. If they see you volunteering, they will get interested and look at it more as an activity you are doing together and not a chore. Look for volunteer opportunities that you can engage in together. Make sure that you factor in their interests and passions before you register them for any activities.

Have a talk on the importance of the volunteerism

Before you start engaging the children in volunteering, make sure you make them know why it is important for them to help others. You should also give them a picture of what they should expect when volunteering and how you expect them to conduct themselves. For instance, if they are going to work with old people or the sick, they should know that they are expected to be gentle and polite.

Exploit their talents

Your children have talents and interests that they can put to good use when volunteering. If your child is a good singer, artist or writer, you can find opportunities where their talents can be put to good use. Alternatively, you can use volunteer opportunities to help them establish and strengthen some of the skills and interests that they may have.

Make it fun

Do not be rigid when engaging the children in volunteer activities. Make it fun for them and find ways in which you can make them associate volunteering with fun. You can even come up with a tradition where you grab some snacks after a day of volunteering.